DLGC Message from President Riley Braaten

     Greetings fellow shepherds and ranchers. Well 2020 continues to be an interesting and trying time for many producers. From weak lamb markets to dry hot weather in some regions to devastating storms and wet weather in other area. Yet one thing is for certain in these troublesome times that God will prevail and win the battle even though we may not quite see the light that is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.
     Well I hope all of you were able to utilize the first round of CFAP payments that were paid out. CFAP 2 was released on 9/18/20 and sign up begins on 9/21/20. It’s well deserved to our fellow shepherds and ranchers.
     In the last one to two weeks we have seen an increase in lamb prices. Ewes and ewe lamb prices remain very strong despite weak lamb prices. We continue to see more young producers entering into the business as well as some rejoining again. Relatively cheap feed, and ample amounts, in most regions has been a great blessing for producers. Simple things like utilizing scales this year have been very effective and useful in not overfeeding lambs.
     We have endured the bankruptcy of Mountain States Rosen yet we have one new plant coming online soon (9/21/20), Colorado Lamb Processers. We also have had the Hasbrouck family and Double J Meat Packing purchase the old Ranchers Lamb plant in San Angelo, TX. So maybe we will see these plants start running soon in an efficient and profitable matter.
     Dakota Lamb Growers is currently working on a new contract with Superior Farms. We the board members are working hard to ensure the producers receive a delivery contract that fits their individual operations. We have had tons of interest in joining DLGC this year from new and previous member who have been inactive. The more lambs we can produce the better chance of an increase in the contract. We still must think about the consumer and what they desire. Without them we have nothing
     As we enter into fall, things tend to get busy and rushed. We have breeding season going on and harvest continuing. I ask and stress that we try hard not to get rushed and forget things that are very important such as ‘stopping at blind corners’ or ‘running stop signs’. Or, even ‘forgetting to close the gate’ behind you. Nobody wants to get home and later receive a call that your livestock is out. We all want to make it home for dinner with family every night. Put safety first producers.
     As I close this article I want each producer to know that you are not alone if you are experiencing some form of hardship or heartache. Reach out to a fellow DLGC producer and ask for help or a shoulder to lean on. We are here for you guys. We are only a phone call away if you have any questions. If we don’t have the answer, we will search and dig to find the answer. May God bless each and every one of you. May God’s love be bright and radiant and shine down on you. I pray each of you find your ear tags in your flock alive and well and that this harvest be plentiful and bountiful for each and every one of you
With love and hugs. Sincerely,

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