Producer Profiles


Kent & Brandee Fjeldheim, Herreid, SD        275 Targhee Ewes

Jon & Alex Kahnke, Florence, SD                  310 Rambouillet, Targhee, Suffolk, Cross Ewes

Matt Hirsch, Java, SD                                    350 Rambouillet, Targhee Ewes

Donald Drewry, Farmington, MN                  50 Hampshire Ewes

Matt Brehmer, White, SD                              150 Rombouillet/Suffolk Cross Ewes

Randy Gravley, Russell, MN                           200 Crossbred Ewes


Syverson Family Farms , Clontarf, MN          100 Polypay Ewes

(Paul & Josie Syverson)

Dan & Rita Meseberg, Watertown, SD           225 Ile deFrance/Polypay & Polypay/Suffolk Ewes

Justin & Jill Weatherford, Florence, SD          250 Hampshire/Polypay/Targhee Ewes

Lisa & Chuck Dennert, Frederick, SD             300 Dorest/Suffolk Ewes

Doug Baldwin, Merrill, IA                               400 Polypay/Polypay Cross Ewes

Greg Wagner, Webster, SD                            37 SAMM/Ile deFrance Ewes

Hoilen Polypays, Montrose, SD                     175 Polypay Ewes

(Robert & Laura Hoiten, Doug & Rose Marie Hoiten)

Thomas & Olivia Salentiny, Fulda, MN          40 Polypay Ewes

NEW MEMBERS IN 2019:        

Craig Auderer, Holy Cross, IA                        100 Crossbred Wool Ewes

Dan Trygstad, Colman, SD                             300 Rambouillet/Targhee Ewes

Isaac Radermacher , Brooten, MN                 50 Katahdin Ewes

Samantha Bohl, Eureka, SD                           185 Ile deFrance and Crossbred Ewes

Robin Sik, Lake Benton, MN                          150 Polypay Mix Ewes

The DLGC will accept new member applications until October 10th each year.  This will allow the Board of Directors time to approve the application, and leave time for the new members to purchase the required 50 equity shares before signing a Superior contract.

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