Monthly Archives: September 2021

DLGC Message from President Riley Braaten

Greetings Fellow Shepherds,

Well what a year it’s been.  From hot and dry weather for us in the Midwest to lamb markets that hit record prices.  Some producers have had tough decisions to make on whether they should keep replacement ewe lambs with these high prices or if they should sell them and wait another year by not culling many ewes.  Yet cull ewe prices have been so strong that many producers have cleaned house with their flocks and shipped those ewes that are not meeting their standards, and with feed prices being so high that might be the best economical decision.  We get many calls about this market and how long it’s going to stick around.  Visiting with people in the industry, they seem to think that $2.00 cash lambs may be the new normal.  History has told us different with a hard crash after such high prices.  When we hit that high earlier this summer there was some resistance from the consumers.  We have since fallen off of our highs about $0.30 – 0.35.  Seems as though we may have stabilized for now.  Only time will tell what will happen. 

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