Monthly Archives: April 2022

DLGC Message from President Riley Bratten

Greetings Fellow Shepherds,

Well the calendar says its spring yet mother nature has provided winter conditions for many of our producers. From very dry conditions in some areas, to very wet in other areas. We need to continue to pray especially for those areas and producers who have endured severe droughts which continue to contributed to lack of feed and water.

Prices for market lambs and slaughter ewes have seemed to hold stable recently. Cash lambs have been $1.90 – $2.10, with excessively heavy lambs being sharply discounted. Cull ewes were around $1.50 – $1.90 six weeks ago, but have dropped to $0.85 – $1.25 currently. With Easter holiday celebrations done it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for us with the lamb market going into the summer months. I would expect to see lighter carcass weights being delivered again this year as we see record high feed prices and input costs. “Will the consumers be able to, or willing to, pay these high prices for a great protein source like our lambs” is a question that keeps coming up. I hope consumers continue to eat our lamb and that they share with others how tasteful it is and rather unique.

As many producers finish up spring lambing, they now turn to the next work season of planting and seeding. Hopefully all our producers can receive necessary moisture they need for their crops and grass to grow and flourish this season. With the later planting and growing season we are experiencing this year many are going to feel rushed and stressed. Please take the extra time to stop at all stop signs. Keep your eyes peeled for our youth that may be learning to drive a car or to operate farm equipment for the first time.

Hopefully in the days to come we may each watch our young lambs frolic and grow. Let’s all take time to enjoy the beautiful sunny days and especially the wonderful sunsets. May God bless and comfort each and every DLGC member this growing season.

May you find all the tagged ears in your flock alive and well.