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• Why join the Co-op?

Our Co-op is made up of small and large sheep producers. One of the benefits of belonging to the DLGC is that you can deliver as small a load as 25 lambs. The Co-op retains a $3.50/head administrative fee from each lamb delivered. From this fee, DLGC is able to host two member meetings per year–one in summer and the annual meeting in November or December. We have also had opportunities for lot purchase discounts on such supplies as milk replacer, and invaluable networking opportunities among fellow member-Producers. Superior Farms is also supportive in helping you incorporate the ABF regimen into your production scheme.

• Opportunities/Contracts

DLGC currently has a one-year contract with Superior Farms (kill floor based in Denver), for Antibiotic Free (no antibiotics, ever!) Lamb. This contract is currently returning above the live price. New members have an option to join by November 10, 2022 (active January 1, 2023).

DLGC also has an upcoming contract that uses biomolecules produced by genetically-selected sheep in the treatment of Huntington’s Disease. This contract is in its initial phases as we are waiting for clinical trials of GM1 to be conducted. (For more information on this project, visit

• How do I join?

The primary requirements for membership in the DLGC are; 1) you must be a sheep producer, and 2) you must be over 18 years of age. Now that we have that behind us, let me tell you a little about the DLGC.

In order to become a member of DLGC, you must purchase one share of Membership Stock ($100), and a minimum of 50 shares of Equity Stock if you deliver to an Approved Packer such as Superior Farms. The Board of Directors will vote on your membership.

2023 DLGC Membership Agreement

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