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FOR SALE:  Ram Extra – Siremax composite terminal sires. Best of the best. That’s why we retained these to use on this end as single sires and backups. Contact or 507-458-6244. (posted 11/11/21)

FOR SALE:  Livestock Guard Dog Pups ready to go by the DLGC annual meeting (12/9).  They will make your life easier and your predator’s lives miserable. From generations of on-the-ball LGDs who earn their keep. Contact Cindy Wolf at 507-450-5453. (posted 11/11//21)

FOR SALE:  Ile de France rams and ewe lambs. Visit our website to view current sale offerings. (posted 11/11/21)

FOR SALE:  4 female Anatolia shepherd, Akbash, Great Pyrenees cross puppies for sale.  16 weeks old , raised with sheep and cat friendly. Asking $250 but willing to negotiate.  Call or text 605-530-4444. (posted 11/11/21)

FOR SALE:  11 mid-sized round rye straw bales.  $40/bale.  Contact Dan Meseberg at 605-880-8859. (posted 9/1/21)

FOR SALE:  Nice registered Polypay ram lambs. Ready to go to work.  Montrose SD. Priced at $500-550. Contact Robert Hoiten at 605-771-9874 (posted 9/1/21)

FOR SALE:  9 week old male akbash, pyrenees, anatolian shepherd mix puppies.  Raised with sheep, cats and children.  Call Dan at 605-530-4444.  (posted 4/1/21)

FOR SALE:  Border Collie puppies ready to go to new homes.  Tonya & Joe Coplan, 507-430-1805.  (posted 12/19/20)

PROPERTY FOR SALE:  Built for calf raising but perfect for larger-scale lamb raising. Indoor-Housing farm site in West Central Minnesota. Temperature and ventilation regulated barns with heated shop, on-site living quarters, truck scale and feed pad with bins. For more information, visit: (posted 12/7/20)

WANTED:  lactate milk feeder – Isaac Radermacher, 320-290-6956  (posted 11/20/20)

DLGC Shares for Sale:  Please contact Rob Dallmann at 605-994-7398.  These shares are priced to move.  (posted 10/14/20)

FOR SALE:  Ile de France Rams and ewe lambs.  Visit our website to view current sale offerings. (posted 4/21/20)

FOR SALE:  Guard Dog and Border Collie Puppies.  Contact or 507-458-6244.  (posted 1/3/20)

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